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moving forward

This was ripped straight from my journal. It details whats been going on and future projects.

the situation

So I got let go from Google Summer of Code, it's unfortunate, but the project just involved different skillsets than I expected, and I wasn't able to hack it. I have enough money to probably get me through August and into the period of time I go to houston to visit family.

I originally saw these as two seperate projects, but in the process of writing them, I have realized that they can be completed in sequence.

Start a personal project, see if it gets big, then either go to houston and work on it there for free for a while, or come back after going there for a few weeks and work on it here. Coming back would be preferable, but I probably would have to get a "regular job" to pay for myself until I could get it out.

Get a job with the industry, or a more standard hourly job, and start working in houston or at home. This would allow me to build some wealth and I could figure out whether going back to school is the right decison, while potentially having time to work on my mental health.

I want to sit down and think of some game ideas I really believe in, but one that comes to mind immediately is the [redacted] game I thought of and put in my game ideas document, I'm going to spend the next 2 weeks prototyping ideas and coming up with a structure for a game. If I don't have anything I'm proud of by then, I will start applying for games industry jobs and regular jobs.

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